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Programs & Services: Programs


  • Counselling dealing with workplace issues and working condition

  • Legal support for issues dealing with workplace dismissal or unfair payment of wages

  • Help with Employment Insurance, Canada’s Employment Rights, Human Rights, Government programs such as Employment Insurance.

  • Protection provided through issue identification, early intervention, problem solving, form filling and letter writing, informal mediation and representation up to and including mediation comprehensive referrals to human care and social services in Peel Region


Labour Community Advocate Program

Training and workshops in employment rights, human rights and health and safety and WSIB matters

Help Centre Program

Provides information, interventions, assist with filing applications and appeals on behalf of workers

  • Conducts education in these matters for groups

  • Participates in mediation and representation with Employment Insurance, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Canada Pension, Human Rights and Employment Rights

Community Development Program

Assists volunteer groups within the labour community from boards and committees. Also teach appropriate skills for management of services, and ongoing support, and consultations as requested.

Peer to Peer Training Program

Provide training for workers to assist each other in the workplace with personal problems and ensures workers and their families are linked to community services.

Labour Services Program

Provides liaison services between the United Way and the labour community raises awareness and support for the United Way and labour’s profile regarding social issues.

Know Your Rights at Work Training

Offers workshops to the community at large in collaboration with agencies to help workers understand their rights at work including employment rights, human rights and occupational health and safety, CPP, and WSIB.

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