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The Labour Community Services of Peel was created on December 18th, 1979. It is a project of the Peel regional Labour Council in partnership with United Way of Greater Toronto, as the core funder. For over forty years, LCSP has been providing a free service not offered by legal clinics in the area or by Legal Aid.


To share Labour’s experience and knowledge by empowering workers through education, advocacy and volunteerism in order to build a vibrant, inclusive and accessible community.


Peel Labour programs work towards a vibrant, inclusive and accessible community for workers and their families.

Labour Community Services of Peel is a viable, robust and responsive organization with well-trained and qualified professional staff members. Along with the Board of Directors which is committed to accountable administration and effective planning to help LCSP grow and to meet community demands to:

  • Increase Outreach to the Community

  • Increase Services to the Community

  • Increase Collaboration and Partnership

Labour Community Services of Peel is committed to assisting workers with their employment rights, human rights, and income security programs in the Peel Region.

Labour union activism supports the necessity for worker rights. The LCSP Help Centre assists workers and their families with application forms, intervening on their behalf with employers or government agencies, and representing them before appeal boards and tribunals at the mediation level.

LCSP is proud of its work and contributions to the Peel Region by helping prevent poverty, strengthening families and supporting newcomers, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and seniors. We also welcome all people who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC), new Immigrants, and people who identify as LGBTQ2SAI.

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